Bail Bond Process in Nassau County

A Look at What Happens After a Defendant Is Released on Bail

After a defendant posts bail, he or she must show up for court dates and follow rules laid out by a judge. Here's what happens after a defendant posts bail.

Although some individuals who have been arrested can be released from jail on their own recognizance, it is more often the case that they are released after having posted a sum of money per the bail process. Defendants can either post bail on their own or with the help of a bail bonds company. Here's a look at what typically happens after defendants have been released from jail on bail.

Mandatory Court Appearances

After being released from jail through the bail bonds process, defendants are given dates on which they must return to court for hearings. Both the court and bail bonds companies require that defendants show up for court on each scheduled date. When defendants fail to appear in court on their scheduled hearing dates and don't have a valid excuse, they may be considered fugitives and can face additional criminal charges, warrants for their arrest, increased bail amounts, or additional bail conditions and restrictions.

Adherence to Bail Conditions and Restrictions

Depending on the facts of a defendant's case, a judge may only grant release on bail if certain conditions and restrictions are strictly adhered to. These rules are determined by the judge based on a number of factors, including the defendant's criminal history or lack thereof, his or her physical or mental health, the seriousness and nature of the filed charges, and the likelihood that he or she will return for court hearings as required. Not following these orders can result in many of the same penalties one would face for missing court dates. Bail conditions vary from case to case but may include one or more of the following:

  • The defendant must refrain from breaking any laws.
  • The defendant must abstain from alcohol and drug use, and also may be subject to testing.
  • The defendant must maintain or actively seek a job.
  • The defendant must avoid contact with certain people or places.
  • The defendant must surrender his or her passport, adhere to travel restrictions, or abide by a curfew.

Being criminally charged, arrested, and put in jail are frightening and overwhelming situations. Our team at Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau is committed to helping Nassau County residents and visitors through the bail bonds process, regardless of the circumstances of their cases. To learn more or request our bail bonds services, contact us online or call (904) 225-0002 today.