Public Defender Attorney In Nassau County

Should I Choose a Public Defender or a Private Attorney?

When the need for legal representation arises, the choice between working with a public defender or a private lawyer is an important one for those facing criminal charges. Understanding the pros and cons of each approach can guide individuals to the best possible option for their situation.

Pros and Cons of a Public Defender 

Defendants who cannot afford to hire an attorney will be assigned a public defender by the court at no charge. They can avoid the steep cost of private attorney fees while retaining qualified legal representation. Most public defenders have extensive experience with a diverse range of criminal cases. They typically have relationships with prosecutors and others in the court system. In many jurisdictions, competition is steep for the few public defender jobs available, which means that those chosen are highly qualified.

However, public defenders have a reputation for being overworked and underpaid. They are government employees who have larger caseloads at lower salaries than private attorneys. For this reason, public defenders may encourage clients to take a plea deal to avoid a court hearing. When the case does go to court, the level of preparation and personalized attention is sometimes lower than with a private attorney.

The Case for a Private Attorney

Some individuals prefer to hire a private attorney, which allows them to choose who will represent them in court. When a defendant is assigned a public defender, he or she may not feel comfortable or develop a rapport with that individual. Although private representation does have benefits over working with a public defender, the cost is significantly different.

Despite the cost, private lawyers usually have fewer cases, which means more one-on-one attention for each client. This also increases the amount of time the attorney has to research the case and build a defense, which improves the potential outcome. Private law firms have more resources to draw from, including staff, expert witnesses, lab testing, and other tools to build a defense.

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