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Understanding the Different Types of Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Nassau County, Florida


In general, there are seven types of bail bonds available for those facing arrest. By law, the judge is required to allow at least two of the following options of posting bail. We understand the urgency to get out of jail quickly. If you have been arrested, it is important to know what options exist so that you can get back to your family, your job, and await your hearing in a safe environment. At Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau, we are here to help explain the seven types of bail bonds so you can make an informed decision.



Cash Bail Bonds


Cash bail bonds are another common option, especially for defendants who are able to cover their bond in full. This option involves the defendant paying the entire bond upfront with cash. If you appear for all of your hearings and court dates, you will be returned the entire cost of the bond. Cash bonds are an attractive option because you don’t lose money in the long-term, but most people are unable to meet the bond requirements set by the judge out of pocket.

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are the most common type of bail bond. Most of the time, bail is set at a specific dollar amount that most defendants cannot pay on their own. That is where bail bond companies like ours come into play. The process of acquiring a surety bond is usually simple: once the judge sets your bail amount, you just have to contact Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau. We will inform you of your financial obligations and then pay your bond in full. The main catch to a surety bail bond is a 10% fee or equivalent collateral that you provide so we can cover your bail.

Citation Release

Citation releases are a way for law enforcement to deal with low-level offenses without going through the arrest process. When a defendant is issued a citation release, they receive a notice to appear in court on a specific date. Being released on citation means that you can continue with your daily responsibilities until your trial.



Property Bonds


Property bonds don’t use cash or a loan to cover the cost of a bond. Instead, a defendant’s property is used as collateral. While they aren’t legal in all 50 states, the State of Florida does allow property bonds as a way of getting out of jail. Compared to surety bonds, property bonds are not popular because they can take several weeks for all the paperwork to go through.

Recognizance Release


A recognizance release means that you do not have to pay bail. In this case, all the defendant must do is sign a written promise to appear in court according to their required dates. While recognizance release is another common type of bond, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the arresting officer. Those with criminal histories may have a harder time getting an officer to agree to a recognizance release.

Immigration Bail Bonds


If you have committed a crime in the United States but are not a citizen, an immigration bail bond is the most likely option for you. Immigration bail bonds work similarly to surety bonds, but the process is much more complicated, and the requirements are much stricter. Defendants who qualify for immigration bonds should never handle them on their own. You should trust an experienced bail bondsman like Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau to handle the process and paperwork for immigration bonds.

Federal Bail Bonds


If you have committed a federal offense (felony) then you likely qualify for a federal bail bond. Unfortunately, they are usually much more expensive than state-issued bond amounts and are more difficult to obtain. Most federal bail bonds require the defendant to pay 15%, rather than the 10% charged by surety bonds. If a federal judge allows for bail, you should contact an experienced bail bondsman to see how you can obtain a federal bail bond.

Get Back to Your Life with Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau


The bail bond process in the state of Florida can be confusing. Our expert bail bond agents handle all the paperwork to post your bail quickly so you can get back to your life. Contact us today at 904-225-0002 if you or a loved one needs to get out of jail.

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