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How the Bail Process Works in Nassau County, FL

If you find yourself handcuffed, arrested, and placed in jail, knowing what to expect can be very beneficial despite the unfortunate circumstances. Suddenly being in the custody of the authorities can be an unexpected and stressful situation but knowing how the bail process works can save you from spending a significant amount of time waiting and worrying behind bars. We believe in protecting citizens’ constitutional rights to post bail for their release from jail! That’s why our bail bond agents at Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau have created this essential guide to bail bonds, a comprehensive explanation of how the bail process works for defendants in Nassau County, FL. Read on to learn more about all the steps involved in the booking process, posting bond, and how to obtain the fastest, most reliable bail bond service in the region.

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Understanding the Booking Process

Whether someone is arrested because of a warrant, misdemeanor, felony offense, or a child support violation, the defendant will be transported and processed at the Nassau County Jail, located on Nicholas Cutinha Road in Yulee, Florida. The process of being booked for criminal charges can vary depending on the type of crime that occurred, and although it may not be possible to get in immediate contact with the inmate, you can obtain updates by contacting the jail facility directly or through the 24-hour bail bond services at Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau.

Arrests involving alcohol-related incidents such as driving under the influence (DUI) require the inmate to remain in custody for a minimum of eight hours before any bond can be posted. If the individual was arrested because of prior felony convictions or from having committed domestic violence or another serious felony offense, the defendant must appear in court before any form of bond posting can proceed. Nassau County Jail court proceedings are held each morning at 8 a.m.

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What to Expect When You’re Arrested

When you’re processed at the Nassau County Jail, no one outside the facility is permitted to contact you directly. If you want to speak directly with someone while you’re incarcerated, you will need to pass through several clearance protocols, which can often take several long hours. The officer at the releasing desk is the only one permitted to provide information about an inmate’s visitation clearance status, and inmates themselves are not given this information.

When you contact the jail about an inmate’s booking status, take note of their unique jail identification number, when they were booked, and the charges they face. Having these details on hand will allow you to avoid having to contact the jail for information! Simply get in touch with our team at Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau for updates.

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The Bond Posting Process Explained

Posting a bond can be as simple as paying the exact amount in cash at the Nassau County Jail. Anyone can post a bond at the jail or by using a bail agency for a 10% state law-regulated fee. While paying in cash may seem more convenient, the court system’s expenses and additional fees can mount up to well over any bail agency’s 10% fee.

An indemnitor is also needed to secure a bail bond, who will guarantee the inmate’s scheduled appearance in court and establish their credibility, whether through property ownership, employment, or community reputation. In order to secure the bond, the indemnitor usually uses a property deed, car title, credit card, or another personal asset as a form of collateral. The defendant must appear in court, or the indemnitor will become responsible for paying the total amount for the bail bond.

Fast, Reliable Bail Bond Service Since 1982

If you have any questions about bail bonds or you’re in need of bail bond service, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable bail bond agents at Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau. We have specialized in the bail bond business since 1982 and ensure defendants receive fair treatment by the Nassau County court system. For quick, confidential bail bond service, call today!

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