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Worried? We Do Criminal Warrant Checks in Nassau County, FL

Not sure if you have a warrant? There are few things worse than being pulled over for a minor traffic offense only to discover the court system has been looking for you. You never need to be left wondering whether or not a warrant has been issued for your arrest. Erase every shred of doubt and contact our team at Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau, where we have the advanced resources to perform criminal warrant checks in Nassau County, FL. If you’re uncertain of your warrant status, we’re here to shed some light on your legal circumstance. Don’t leave it to risk – get in touch with us today.

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Do I Have a Warrant? How Do I Know?

Warrants are issued by the court system for all kinds of legal reasons, from unpaid tickets and failure to appear in court to probation violations and probable cause. When a Nassau County judge issues a criminal warrant, this written order authorizes law enforcement to arrest and retain custody of the individual in question. The city or county where the warrant was issued may notify the suspect via phone or mail, but these forms of communication can easily be overlooked or ignored. Finding accurate information on the sheriff’s office website is also possible but not always reliable or frequently updated.

Getting a definitive answer on your legal standing shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau continues to help our Nassau neighbors handle their legal circumstances in times of need. Call us when you need us to check the status of an existing warrant, any time, day or night.

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We’ll Give You the Definitive Answers

Being unclear on whether or not you can be arrested on sight can be an extremely troubling and stressful experience. At Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau, we understand that anxiety and are here to provide the conclusive answers you need – even if it’s the ones you don’t want to hear. We proudly perform searches for criminal warrants issues in Nassau County as a continued service to our communities. We process warrant check requests around 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If You Have a Warrant, You Have Options

Need our team to perform a criminal warrant check? Finding out your legal standing is as simple as filling out our online form. If we discover a warrant issued for your arrest, you still have options. You may either arrange an appearance for arraignment or turn yourself in at the police station before being arrested, which may simplify the process of setting bail for your release. If you have any questions about warrant checks or bail bonds, please feel free to call us today!

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