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Great customer service!! Was able to get my Uncle out very quickly. Would definitely recommend. Wish i could give 100 stars!!

Diania Brown

Absolutely wonderful service and staff who genuinely care about the people they are helping. They turned a nightmare into a situation we could handle.

Jason Wall

When I needed services The Liberty staff was extended friendly, quick and efficient. They had paperwork ready to go when I arrived and the process was so smooth and easy

Lillie Stephens

I called previously to request information on how to bail out my friend, They were so helpful with giving me that information to where I immediately came the next morning. Melissa was proactively helping, and I never thought I’d be smiling to be bailing someone out but it was such a breeze and I enjoyed her company. I recommend everyone to use them when in need! Thank you guys so much!!

D Rob

Melissa is very courteous and professional. She handles your needs respectfully and promptly. If you are in need of any bail bond or notary service, I highly recommend you check out Liberty Bail Bonds in Nassau County, Florida

Marie Wolfe

The service was very speedy very friendly and a very clean environment. If you're in the neighborhood you should stop by and see freedom to cat she is the Liberty Bail bonds mascot and you'll love her...

Margaret Day

Amazing customer service, friendly staff and willing to work with you.

Dana Davis

We called for notary services, and Melissa has been fabulous, making sure our paperwork was correctly filled out, and very friendly. Definitely would bring any further business here to Liberty! Thanks, Melissa!

Kim Champion

Liberty bail bonds goes above and beyond to get your bond met. Quick, fast, and friendly service. Melissa is amazing and very helpful. Not that I will but if I were, I would definitely call her first if ever needed again.

Jason Bradbury

Great experience very friendly and understanding. Very helpful people and will work with you if you just talk to them.

Gina Showers

John was very helpful. He answered all my questions, help walk me through the process and was very professional and prompt when dealing with our issue. I highly recommend using Liberty Bail Bonds if you ever find yourself or a loved one in the unfortunate situation where you have to.

Brianne Sexton

Words cannot truly express my gratitude and thankfulness for Melissa & Robert during this situation. As far as I am concerned, their responses to me and our family situation should be a text book response in this profession and many others as well. Be blessed and Thank you all kindly.

Tabitha Drake

Very nice and respectful and very helpful

Cameron Hargrave

My first experience dealing with this situation. Melissa was very informative and fast loving to make this happen. Great customer service. Highly recommended!

Aniyah Ross

They have bonded me out once and now we are using them to bond out a friend. Really nice people and good quick service.

Summer Echols

I would absolutely recommend liberty Bail bonds to anyone needing their services. They are reliable, dependable and even better you are not waiting for hours for them to make time to get you out. They do not judge you and understand the happenstance you are in. They treat you with total respect and get that good people do make mistakes. And we are not defined by them. Thank you to the staff at liberty Bail bonds. Without you I would not be to happy right now . Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Amanda Hicks

I just want to say you guys Rock, our boy got picked up on NYE at 9:30 you guys left your party or family or what have you to come into the office and get him out.. He got picked up 9:30 we met you at 11:35 and you was at the NCJ and had him back to us by 12:30.... Hell ya and you gave us candy like real candy lol. Very professional and courteous. Hope we never need a bondsman again, but if we do your our guys . John is so friging nice when your having a bad day it’s nice to have people to make you smile. Thank you so much...

Nay R

Sherri is AWESOME ! always willing to help out if you're in a pinch. great people. always respectable and understanding of any problems A1 business in my book !!

Cody Lancaster

Melissa has gone ABOVE and BEYOND to help us. She was pushed, and pulled, and tested on every turn. But she kept pushing back for us. I totally trust her, and highly recommend her, and Liberty Bail Bonds.

Patti Lebel

Great friendly service. No one around any faster. Only thing, allergic to peanuts(they give everyone a Snickers) maybe I could receive a Skor bar next time

Mel T

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