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What Are Bonds by Phone?

After a person is arrested, a bail amount may be set to allow the person to get out of jail while awaiting trial. When you work with Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau, the bail bond process can be completed by phone.

In most cases, defendants or their families don’t have the resources to pay the entire bail amount up front but instead turn to a bail bond agency. The agency puts up the bail money, and the cost of the bond is 10% with a minimum of $100, per bond. In some cases, collateral also may be required. An Indemnitor, or a responsible person who can guarantee the defendant will appear at their court date, is also required to obtain a bail bond. If the defendant has been charged with DUI, domestic violence, a felony, or has prior felony convictions, they must appear in court before a bond can be set and paid.

With bonds by phone from Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau, if you have a credit or debit card, the bail bond process can be completed with a phone call, so no one must appear in person to secure the bond. In some cases, calling our bail hotline may mean the defendant is released soon since we can transmit the paperwork to the jail electronically. Contact us today for details on our bail process by phone service.

What Information Do You Need for Bonds by Phone?

Before you call our bail bond hotline, you’ll want to collect all the relevant information

We can start the bail bond process with this information and a credit or debit card. After you contact us, we can give you updates on the defendant’s status and the current processing time. In general, the jail takes 1-3 hours after they receive all the paperwork from the bail bond agency to release a person.

  • The arrested person’s full name, correctly spelled
  • Date and time the defendant was arrested
  • The charges against the person
  • The bond amount, if known
  • The defendant’s jail identification number, if known (this information can be obtained from the jail)

The Benefits of Paying Bail Bonds by Phone

For those who are relying on someone outside of Nassau County, being able to place a bail bond call can make the difference between getting out of jail or remaining in custody. Not having to appear in person is a tremendous convenience. Completing the bail bond process by phone may also help reduce the total time a defendant is held because the paperwork is sent digitally.

If you’re in need of a bail bond in Nassau County, Florida, contact Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau for help. Our knowledgeable staff is available around the clock to assist you.

Why Call Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau for Bonds by Phone?

At Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau, our primary goal is to make it easier for a defendant to get out of jail. We have extensive experience with the Florida bail system, and we know that the system can sometimes be difficult to understand. We’ve been providing bail bonds to Nassau County since 1982, and we can answer any questions you have about bail bonds.

Bail Process in Nassau, FL

Contact Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau for Bail by Phone and Fax

Are you trying to bail out a friend or family member who is in jail in Nassau County, Florida? Contact us today to learn how we can help you in securing bail so your loved one can go home sooner. We can provide bail by fax and phone, as well as in person.

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