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Types of Bail Bonds We Offer

Navigating the legal system can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to understanding the different types of bail bonds available. At Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau, we understand the complexities of the bail process and are committed to helping our clients make informed decisions. As the leading bail bond agency in Nassau County, FL, we offer a range of affordable bail bond types to suit your unique needs. Whether you’re dealing with a misdemeanor or a felony charge, our experienced agents are here to help.

Types of Bail Bonds – An Explanation

When it comes to getting released from jail before trial, different types of bail bonds are available depending on the situation. The most common types of bonds available in Nassau County, FL, include the following:

  • Surety Bonds – A surety bond involves a third party (a bail bond agent) who provides a guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear for all court dates. In this case, the defendant pays a percentage of the bail amount (usually 10%) to the bail bond agent, who then pays the full amount to the court.
  • Cash Bail Bonds – A cash bail bond involves the full payment of the bail amount to the court in cash, which is held as collateral until the case is resolved. If the defendant appears at all court dates, the bail is refunded at the end of the trial.
  • Property Bonds – A property bond is similar to a cash bail bond, but the defendant uses property (such as a home or car) as collateral to secure the bail amount instead of cash.
  • Citation Release – A citation release, also known as a “cite out,” is a type of release where the defendant is not taken to jail but is issued a citation to appear in court later.
  • Recognizance Release – A recognizance release is a type of release where the defendant is released from custody without the need for bail or collateral. The defendant signs a written promise to appear in court and comply with court orders.
  • Immigration Bail Bonds – An immigration bail bond is a type of bond used for individuals who have been detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It allows the person to be released from detention while their case is pending.
  • Federal Bail Bonds – Federal bail bonds are used for individuals who have been charged with federal crimes. These types of bonds can be more difficult to obtain and typically require a higher percentage of the bail amount to be paid upfront (usually 15-20%).
Types of Bail Bonds and Bail Processes in Nassau, FL

Paying Your Bail in Nassau County, FL

To post a bond in Nassau County, FL, two options are available: paying the exact amount in cash at the jail or using a bail agency for a regulated fee of 10%. However, cash payment may not be the most economical option, as court expenses and fees can exceed the 10% fee charged by the bail agency. In addition to payment, an indemnitor is required to secure the bail bond and guarantee the defendant’s appearance in court. The indemnitor typically uses a personal asset, such as property or a credit card, as collateral to secure the bond. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the indemnitor becomes responsible for paying the total bail amount.

Know Your Rights! Contact Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau

At Liberty Bail Bonds Nassau, we understand the importance of securing your release from jail as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our range of bail bond types, including surety bonds, cash bonds, and property bonds, ensures that we have the flexibility to meet the unique needs of our clients. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we’re proud to be Nassau County’s go-to bail bond agency. Contact us to learn more about our bail bond services and how we can help you easily navigate the legal system.

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